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Chore Corps

Chore Corps Older adults who need help with small household repairs, chores, or safety modifications in and around their homes can call Chore Corps, available in Grafton and Sullivan Counties in New Hampshire.

Caring volunteers helping older residents remain independent in their own homes.

How does Chore Corps work?
  • The coordinator will discuss you specific needs, including your cost of materials, which you must provide.

  • We will try to line up screened volunteers from your locale, with the skills you need. If we can make a match, time will be arranged for the work to be evaluated, if necessary, and completed.

  • The Chore Corps coordinator will follow up with you to determine your satisfaction with the volunteer's labor.

  • For larger jobs beyond the scope of volunteers, or those requiring a licensed professional, you may need to screen, hire and pay a private contractor.

  • While the Chore Corps volunteers are not paid, donations help support and strengthen the efforts to ensure the availability of a helping hand for you or someone else in the future.

  • Call Chore Corps toll free at 1-877-711-7787

Examples of services Chore Corps might provide include:
Shopping, general home maintenance, simple installations, small carpentry jobs, yard work, odd jobs, painting and emergency winter chores.

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Chore Corps is not possible without the dedication of many volunteers.

  • This special breed of laborers, students, retirees, crafts-persons, and neighbors which makes up Chore Corps is bound together through experience of service to others. Chore Corps volunteers understand that they offer the older adults within their communities a chance to remain in their own homes for many years in safety and comfort.

  • Since the tasks are many and varied, the need is for a large number of volunteers to be available on an on-call basis when the calls for asssistance come in. We screen all Chore Corps volunteers. Mileage assistance, ongoing training, support and recognition are provided.

  • Consider offering your service or the services of you organizaiton to the community through Chore Corps. E-mail: or call the coordinator of volunteers today, toll free: 1-877-711-7787 to get started.

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We encourage civic involvement by connecting people with meaningful opportunities to effectively meet commmunity needs through service. We focus on providing resources to volunteers and agencies, customer service, volunteer management, and signature programs in the Upper Valley, and Grafton and Sullivan Counties in NH. We are sponsored by Grafton County Senior Citizens Council, Inc.