Ways of Helping

Supporting Aging in Community

You do NOT need a PayPal account to donate to GCSCC.

National Associations/Agencies

Provides easy access to government services and benefits for seniors.

Offers targeted, up-to-the minute information on Alzehimer research, treatment,care, and much more.

Provides tips on how to choose assisted living and nursing home facilities, and has a searchable directory of it's members.

Updates on legal issues affecting the elderly and a searchable directory for consumers looking for an elder-law specialist in their state.

Can help families locate and reclaim lost or forgotten property titles, bank and brokerage accounts, pension claims and other assets.

Devoted to the cyber-education and training of people aged 55 and up.

New Hampshire Associations/Agencies

The Caregiver Connections website is a link for & about Family Caregivers in Western NH. It is a link to family caregiver resources, to “how can I help” information, and to education & training for individuals and groups.

A New Hampshire network that links older adults, adults with disabilities and those who care about them with resources to help meet their needs.