Ways of Helping

Supporting Aging in Community

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Home-Delivered Meals

Each weekday, friendly volunteers deliver a warm meal right to the door of our homebound neighbors. In addition to the meal, they also bring a warm greeting and a quick check of the recipient’s well being. Any individual who is too frail to be able to shop and prepare an adequate meal for herself or himself may be eligible to receive a home-delivered meals from one of our eight senior centers.

If a volunteer attempts to deliver a meals, and no one answers the door, the volunteer will make an emergency call. No meals are delivered on major holidays or announced “snow days,” so volunteers bring an extra frozen meal to be used when fresh meals are not delivered.

Anyone with health concerns who requires a special diet should let the nutrition director know, as the kitchen staff will do its best to accommodate your needs. All meals are prepared with no added salt.

Contributions to defray the cost of home-delivered meals are requested, but not required. Anyone who needs to have meals delivered to her or his home can sign up for the service through the closest senior center.

Senior Centers, etc.

Our Senior Centers are lively, fun places where people gather for a visit with friends and to enjoy a hot, nutritious meal. Most of the centers plan activities before and/or after lunch, so come early and stay late for musical entertainment, a special speaker, health clinic or some other activity. Occasionally, centers hold breakfasts, brunches and/or dinners in lieu of their noon meal.

The Plymouth, Littleton, Horse Meadow, Mascoma, and Upper Valley Senior Centers offer lunch every weekday. Community lunches are on Tuesdays in Bristol and Orford, and on Mondays and Wednesdays in Lincoln.

For the monthly menu and a list of activities, check out each senior center newsletter, or check your local paper. Although a contribution is requested to defray the cost of the meal, it is not required and anyone who would like to join us for lunch is welcome. Transportation is available on request. See you at the Center!



The drivers of our lift-equipped mini-buses are well-known for their safety-consciousness, concern for their passengers, and care for each rider as he or she gets on and off the bus. For those who don’t drive, transportation is available for medical or other appointments, shopping centers, or to attend senior center lunches or other center functions.

A contribution to defray the cost of transportation is requested, but not required. Anyone who needs assistance with transportation should call the senior center closest to your home.

Community Outreach

Outreach workers are available throughout the region to help people with their unique needs. They work with individuals whose need for income or services compromises their ability to live independently and they help them obtain necessary services. Our outreach workers offer the following assistance to community members:Outreach: reaching out to identify isolated individuals and helping them use available community programs and services.

Assessment: evaluating an older or disabled person’s health, social, environmental and financial needs and recommending sources of help.

Care management: arranging for services to meet an individual’s needs; working with family members and service providers; adjusting the level of services to accommodate changes in an individual’s situation.

Advocacy: assisting an individual obtain services for which he or she is eligible but unable to secure independently.

Counseling: helping individuals and families to solve problems, mobilize resources and to develop the abilities needed to cope with changing circumstances.

The Council’s social service and outreach program is available to elderly individuals who are concerned about their health, housing, income, medical expenses or family situation. The services are also available to people with disabilities who are living at home and need assistance or to relatives who are concerned about their elderly family members.

We also work with concerned friends and neighbors, employers, attorneys or bankers managing the affairs of older or disabled adults living at home; physicians, health professionals, and public officials working to arrange services for an older adult. We work with clergy and anyone involved in the decision to place an individual in assisted living or a skilled nursing care facility.

Contributions are accepted to defray the costs of providing outreach and social services, but they are not required. Anyone who needs