Supporting Aging in Community

RSVP Programs

Signature RSVP Programs

Good Morning, Chore Corps, and RSVP Bone Builders volunteers’ activities focus on helping older adults, (aged 60+) veterans and their families, family caregivers, and adults with disabilities to age in place. These volunteers have chosen to give back to the community in different ways. They are screened and have had background checks plus orientation and training. The services are provided free of charge because the volunteers donate their time. However, donations are always welcome to help defray coordination of the programs.

Good Morning

Get a daily call from a friendly person who’s calling to see if you’re doing okay, and is happy to visit if you like. If you do not answer the phone after three calls within an hour, and if the volunteer has not been notified of any change, she or he then follows the pre-arranged procedures for contacting your backup person or the police, if necessary – for a well-being check. There is also the option to receive evening calls or just weekday or weekend calls. Good Morning volunteers have helped people living alone to stay safe and connected, and have given family caregivers peace of mind.

RSVP Bone Builders

Here’s an opportunity to increase your bone density and balance, decrease your risk for falls and fractures, plus enhance your energy and well-being. This award-winning program uses an evidence-based, no-impact weight training curriculum. Local classes are lead by trained volunteer co-leaders. Classes meet twice a week for one hour. You can join at any time; (registration is required - - call us.) Participants also learn about proper exercise for seniors, correct exercise form, health, nutrition and safety. Classes include warm-up stretches, exercises using ankle and hand weights provided, and cool-down stretches. No Lycra or jumping around required!

Chore Corps

Do you need someone to make repairs or installations that will create a safer home - - such as installing grab bars or railings, repairing windows or steps? Maybe there are occasional seasonal chores you used to be able to do and now can’t - - spring and fall winter clean-up or stacking firewood, un / installing your air conditioner, putting plastic on your windows for winter or taking it down in spring? We may have a volunteer in your area with the skills you need!


The RSVP Volunteer Center

We invite YOU to find out how you can make a difference in your life and in the lives of others through volunteering. The RSVP Volunteer Center:

• Mobilizes the talents and skills of people age 55+ to provide creative solutions to community needs through volunteering.

• Matches people with volunteer opportunities that suit their interests, skills, and schedule.

• Works with local not-for-profit agencies and municipalities meeting community needs in Grafton and Sullivan Counties in New Hampshire.

• Designs custom volunteer activities.

• Provides free supplemental insurance that covers you while you serve.

• Offers mileage assistance for some activities.

• Provides on-going support to volunteers.