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Telephone Reassurance

Telephone Reassurance WHAT IS 'GOOD MORNING!'? 'Good Morning!' is a telephone reassurance program for older adults or adults with disabilities who live alone and are at risk of sudden illness, falls, accidents, and social isolation.

IS THERE ANY CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE? No. There is no cost for this service provided by RSVP and The Volunteer Center to older adults and adults with disabilities living in our service area.

HOW DOES THE 'GOOD MORNING!' PROGRAM WORK? Each morning between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. the older person or person with a disability receives a call from a trained telephone volunteer to check that he or she is okay. If the person does not answer and the volunteer has not been notified of any change, the 'Good Morning!' volunteer then follows the pre-arranged procedures for contacting the participant's back-up person or the police if necessary.

HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE IN THE 'GOOD MORNING!' PROGRAM? Call RSVP toll free at 1-877-711-7787 and ask for Ron. He will explain the program to you and arrange for you to have an enrollment meeting if you're interested. Once you have completed the forms, a letter will be sent to you setting out the guidelines for the program, and you can then expect to receive a daily call from the 'Good Morning!' volunteer.

HOW CAN I VOLUNTEER WITH 'GOOD MORNING!'? Are you interested in helping to assure the well being of others? Do you live in Grafton or Sullivan Counties in New Hampshire? If you are willing to commit approximately two hours for two or more mornings per week making local telephone calls from your home, have a good organizational skills, a pleasant phone presence, and are able to follow procedures in an emergency, give RSVP a call at 1-877-711-7787 or email us at

ARE THERE ANY RESTRICTIONS REGARDING WHO CAN PARTICIPATE IN THE PROGRAM? You must be 60 years of age or older, or an adult of any age with disabilities, live alone (or with your spouse or sibling,) and you must agree to receive a daily telephone call. You must also agree to let us know when you plan to be away.

NOTE: IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY, DIAL 911. WHAT IF I HAVE LIFELINE? 'Good Morning!' is a great complement to LifeLine because with 'Good Morning!' you get a daily telephone call from someone who is interested in your well-being and has time to chat if you like. Lifeline is a separate program for emergencies, such as falls or accidents, or health problems requiring emergency assistance.

HOW IS 'GOOD MORNING!' FUNDED? By the Corporation for National and Community Service, fundraising, grants, and private donations.